“Knowledge is power” – Francis Bacon. 

 “Our focus and intent — continually emphasized and reinforced within our group of photo-artists — is to live more deliberate, more mindful, more artistic lives.  And it is in living this kind of life, more attuned to (some might say more obsessed with) our creative work, that we stand to build something altogether extraordinary.” – Sebastian Michaels.

Here is where the fantastic journey began and continues:

-Photoshop Artistry, by Sebastian Michaels
-Living the (Photo)-Artistic Life, by Sebastian Michaels
-Creative Black and White Course, by Sebastian Michaels
-21 Days to Creative Abundance, by Sebastian Michaels
-KAIZEN, by Sebastian Michaels

Other courses and workshops (among others):

-20 Day Portfolio Renovation Challenge, by Brooke Shaden
-Fine Art Photography, by Brooke Shaden
-Post Processing Mastering by Photography Uncovered, Steve Arnold
– Painting with Photoshop Workshop, by Melissa Gallo.
– Lightroom Made Easy, by Phil Steele.
– Photoshop Basics for Photographers, by Phil Steele.
– Flash Photography for Portraits and Headshots, by Ed Verosky.
– Diploma in Photography, by Shaw Academy.