Amelia Blanco

All my life has been a constant search of … who knows…myself maybe, until I was introduced by a dear friend to the photography world, not long ago. From this moment on, all my senses became suddenly aware of the beauty that surrounds us, the fantastic world around and inside me. Still, I was not satisfied and needed more, and I decided to take the Photoshop Artistry Course by Sebastian Michaels in 2015, in an attempt to keep learning without knowing that this would become part of my life, my dreams, me.

Experience gives us all scars and memories. I have lived, I have learnt, I have loved and I have suffered but  what is life without a smile? This, I try to express and show in my art work. I want to move feelings and thoughts. I want to keep dreaming. Some are bright and clear and others not that much.

I have been raised and grown up in Cuba and one day I decided to spread my wings and explore the world. Though for Cubans it is real hard to see your dreams come true, I found my way out. Travelling has always been my passion, to discover later that all my travel memories could also be transformed into art. 

I feel really honored that some of my art works have been published in different issues of the International digital and print art magazine “Living the Photo Artistic Life” , others have been selected as a runner up in the monthly challenge by the online Shift Art web site addressed to digital artists like myself.

Finally I feel I have found my Oasis. A place of wonder, sensations, fears, awe. A place where I want to stay.

Hope you enjoy the visit.

Amelia Blanco.