“The craving for recognition is every artist’s Achilles heel.”
– Marty Rubin


– Quill and Camera Digital Blog by Sebastian Michaels on August 10th, 2017, Published also on Photoshop Artistry Facebook Page. Click on the logo  to read the interview

– 1800 Online by Juan Juan Almeida and Lisandra Diaz, June 6th, 2017. Transmitted by Radio Marti, Radio Caracol and Sirius XM. Click on the Icon to listen the interview. Pls note it is in Spanish.  


Featured Artist and cover image on Living the Photo Artistic Life – Issue No 29 -July 2017 .

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Proudly published on:

– International Magazine Somerset Digital Studio – Autumn 2017 Issue.
– Most issues (from 9 to 30) of the International Magazine “Living the Photo Artistic Life”.
See some links to the free digital version below:
Issue No. 12 – Page 93
Issue No. 18 – Page 23
Issue No. 20 – Page 90
Issue No. 21 – page 63
-Magazine GSP Digital, Brazilian Blog – Different issues from April to August 2017.
-K.I.S Digital Artistry -August 2016

Other recognition:

-Winner of the Shiftart Photoshop Challenge – August, 2016
-Runner up in the Shiftart Photoshop Challenge – May, 2016
-Runner up in the Shiftart Photoshop Challenge – February, 2016
-Runner up in the Shiftart Photoshop Challenge – January, 2016